Sexual Violence Disclosure

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Disclosure in an Emergency

In an emergency on campus (i.e., imminent threat of sexual violence and of harm to a person or sexual violence actually occurring), a report can be made in the following ways:

  • Call 911
  • Campus Safety Services emergency number 613-520-4444

When a person discloses an incident of sexual violence to Campus Safety Services, Campus Safety Services must inform Equity and Inclusive Communities for follow-up.

Disclosure in a Non-Emergency

Equity and Inclusive Communities is responsible for handling all disclosures of sexual violence involving a member of the University community in a non-emergency situation, whether the sexual violence has occurred on or off-campus. An Equity and Inclusive Communities staff member will provide information about available support and services, including information about interim measures that may be available to address the immediate needs.

For more information about disclosure, please review the Sexual Violence Policy, section 6.5.

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