Bachelor of Music

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Skills and knowledge you may gain from your program:

  • Demonstrate a multi-layered knowledge of music in all forms
  • Exhibit skill in one or more areas of music analysis, composition, cultural theory, archival/historical research and ethnographic fieldwork in music
  • Identify and describe a wide range of traditions and repertoires of music along with their varying cultural and historical contexts
  • Communicate effectively to a range of different audiences
  • Work cooperatively in both musical and other forms of group activity
  • Critically apply a variety of musicological perspectives and techniques in the analysis of music
  • Recognize the relationship between creative, practical and theoretical forms of knowledge in music
  • Develop an appreciation of the place of music in culture and human life, and of the relationship of various musical traditions to one another
  • Perform on a principal musical instrument, and demonstrate general musicianship and cooperative, ensemble-playing skills at or near a professional level
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and progress towards a distinctive compositional style (for composers)
  • Incorporate the relevant use of instruments and contemporary sound recording technologies in a production of a performance or compositional practice
  • Apply concepts of common-practice, jazz, and other forms of theory to the analysis and performance of music
  • Self-Employed Concert Pianist
  • Senior Relationship Manager in Banking
  • Self-Employed Vocalist and Music Teacher
  • Band Supervisor in Non-Profit Community Group
  • Testing and Training in Federal Government
  • Freelance Opera Singer
  • Individual Giving Coordinator in Symphonic Organization
  • President and Recording Artist in Music Industry
  • Public Relations Intern in Communications
  • Business Manager in Automotive Sales
  • Teaching Assistant in Post-Secondary
  • Self-Employed Piano Teacher
  • Contracts Administrator in Design Industry
  • Freelance Professional Actor, Opera and Musical Theatre Singer
  • Music Professor in Post-Secondary
  • Music Composition
  • Teaching
  • Management
  • Performance
  • Post Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Direction
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Project Management
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • Sound Design
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Director
  • Music Professor
  • Musician
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Library Clerk
  • Banking Relationship Manager
  • Nutrition Educator
  • Creative Marketing Associate
  • Grant and Proposal Writer
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Professional Actor, Opera and Musical Theatre Singer
  • Recording Artist
  • Acting Coach
  • Graphic Designer
  • Song Writer
  • Box Office Assistant
  • Music Administrator
  • Event Audio Visual Technologist
  • Audio Engineer

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