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Navigate your Carleton experience with the Carleton360! Carleton360 is your complete student experience hub.

Carleton360 uses single sign on, allowing you to access other services without signing in again.

Rather than logging into Carleton Central, Brightspace and your student email separately, signing into Carleton360 once gives you the ability to move between platforms without re-entering your credentials. Watch this YouTube video for an overview of Carleton360’s features. Start your school day with Carleton360 for convenient access to learning tools.

Carleton360 provides one-stop, easy access to Carleton Central, cMail and Brightspace. It’s also home to your Intray – an inbox featuring important messages from the university including dates and deadlines, registration information and more. Inside Carleton360 you can access direct links to important university resources, check recent student news – as well as news from your faculty – explore timely supports and services, which link to other Carleton360 resources.

Carleton360 also features an improved online application system for Carleton students who wish to apply for internal degree transfers. This simplified process makes it easier than ever to apply to a new program to help you reach your academic, personal and professional goals.

Log in to Carleton360 via the Current Students website and explore the features of My360.

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