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The Centre for Student Academic Support, also known as CSAS, is a great resource for any student looking to acquire the skills needed to navigate university successfully. Located on the 4th Floor of MacOdrum Library, they provide a range of support services geared towards helping all students at Carleton achieve their academic and personal goals. These resources include workshops, peer-led study sessions, writing tutorial services, and more!

Some things you may not know about CSAS are that…

#5 – Services are free of charge and occur on a drop-in basis: You won’t ever have to book an appointment to meet with a CSAS Facilitator. Instead, services are held on a drop-in basis from Monday to Friday and are first-come, first-serve. Services are also free of charge, and are geared towards all students at Carleton; so, don’t hesitate, and drop by today!

#4 – Students can choose between group support and individual support: If you’d like to gain some tips on how to better manage your time, or deliver a great presentation, you have lots of options to pick from at CSAS – you can attend a group Skill Development Workshop, run by trained Workshop Facilitators; or you can speak to a One-on-One Support Facilitator and receive support that is more personalized to you and your needs. CSAS also offers individual and group support for students looking to understand class content better, by holding group Peer Assisted Study Sessions, as well as providing personalized Peer Assisted Subject Coaching, and more.

#3 – Students can receive course credit for participating in workshops: If your course is supported by the Incentive Program, you’re in luck! By virtue of being part of the Incentive Program, you can receive a small course credit for attending a certain number of Skill Development Workshops at CSAS. Participation requirements vary from course to course, so it is always better to check with your instructor first for more information.

#2 – CSAS is a great place to go for help with your paper: If you find yourself in need of guidance on how to start, structure, edit, or proofread your academic essay or assignment, look no further – CSAS’s Writing Tutors are trained to help you navigate any difficulties by showing you the core skills needed for penning a polished paper.

#1 – Students can access CSAS services in the library and online: CSAS currently offers a selected range of Skill Development Workshops on the 4th floor of the Library, as well as online! By way of CSAS’s Online Learning Community, you can access these online services on their website – these services include virtually meeting with a Writing Tutor, a PASS Facilitator, or attending a Skill Development Workshop.

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