Five Steps to Get Ready for Exam Season


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If your current symptoms include: feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sleep deprived; then you might be experiencing exam stress. Before it consumes you,  here are five steps to help you get ready for your final exam season!

  1. Get organized

First things first: check to see when you will be writing your exams. You can find dates, times, locations and your assigned rows for each of your exams through myExam schedule through Carleton360. You can also verify with the Carleton Mobile app.

  1. Conflicts

Make sure you do not have any conflicts or overloads. If you have two exams scheduled for the same time, or three or more exams scheduled in consecutive periods or time slots, contact Scheduling and Examination Services immediately to get this problem resolved. If you require accommodations through the Paul Menton Centre (PMC), be sure to follow up with your PMC coordinator regarding your exam accommodations. Planning and arranging an alternative exam schedule, if needed, will prevent any added stress.

  1. Don’t leave just yet!

It is expected that all students be available for their examination period. If you cannot write an exam or submit a final take-home due to circumstances beyond your control, you can apply online for an exam deferral. If you need to defer an exam, documentation must be submitted with the application. Your exam is not officially deferred until you have received notice from the Registrar’s Office. For more questions or concerns, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

  1. Know your study habits

Now that you have your exam schedule, it is time to begin studying! Do you like studying with others? Book a room through the room booking portal and grab some friends. Or, do you prefer to study solo? Stake out a spot at one of silent floors in the library and crack out your books. Study guides or flash cards? Notes by hand or electronically? A mix of everything? Studying for exams is challenging and the only way you will improve on your study habits is to practice practice practice!

  1. Use your on-campus resources

There are many on-campus resources available to you. If your class is supported by Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS), take advantage of their mock exam and attend their workshops. Did you know that the provided mock exams are reviewed by the professor? Meaning, you have a better chance of knowing what to expect! If you are in need of a study break, spend some time with Carleton’s Therapy Dogs! Check out the Therapy Dog page on the Mental Health and Wellness website to get all the information for each of the dog’s office hours and support sessions. Don’t forget to utilize your in-class connections! Your peers, TAs or professors can be a great source of help as well.

For more information, check out Scheduling and Exam Services’ FAQ page. Good luck on exams, Ravens!

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