Four Money Podcasts You Should Be Tuning In To


Quote the Raven: Awards and Financial Aid

Awards and Financial Aid

Check out this comprehensive list of money podcasts you should be listening to – especially if you’re a student, new graduate, or someone who works with youth. Learn the basics of budgeting and get tips on how to get a great job in the midst of the pandemic.

1. So Money

Hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, So Money is a multi-award winning finance podcast with over a thousand episodes to date. Personal finances beginners will find this podcast helpful in learning about basic concepts such as budgeting, saving, debt, and investment.

Farnoosh’s story is a familiar one that follows a young adult in debt who saw that youth did not have an accessible, digestible form of financial literacy and sought to solve that problem. As a financial reporter, she related to the struggle of feeling overwhelmed by personal finances and began engaging in educational resources for this demographic.

Episode Highlight: How To Land A Great Job In A Pandemic And Recession

Farnoosh is joined by Lauren McGoodwin, founder of the Career Contessa and author of the new book POWER MOVES: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose.

2. You Need A Budget

You Need a Budget does not only have a budget tracking app, they also host a podcast to help their listeners overcome the paycheck to paycheck cycle. The podcast covers topics ranging from debt stories to financial wellness and even atomic budgeting, in which the host applies James Clear’s notion of atomic habits to budgeting.

Episode Highlight: You’ve Never Budgeted At A Time Like This

Host Jesse Mecham talks about budgeting during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to intentionally “give every dollar a job”.

3. Jake Of All Trades

Jake of All Trades is a podcast hosted by Jake Rivas, financial advisor to millennials. From current to long term financial advice, this show covers a range of audiences from students managing money in university to those planning their retirement. Their mission is to empower listeners with smart financial strategies to life their best lives.

Episode Highlight: Financial Advice from Millennials to Class of 2020

In this episode, Jake and Kirk address the graduating class of 2020 and provides financial advice based on their own experiences.

4. Because Money

One of the few ad-free personal finance podcasts in Canada, Because Money is supported by a private community on Patreon. Chris Enns, Sandi Martin, both financial planners, and John Robertson, a financial author make up the podcast team

They are currently on an extended hiatus this season, due to some family grievances added to the existing pandemic situation. However, you can find their first 6 seasons on their website.

Episode Highlight: Season 1, Episode 25 | So It’s Your First Time Budgeting

This episode gives you a basic rundown on how to start a budget, and more importantly, how to keep one. Given that we are approaching Christmas and going in to the New Year, and will be managing the spending that comes with it soon, it’s worth a listen.

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