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School is back in session and everyone is getting back into their routines meaning, students are back on the job hunt. However, university is challenging and not everyone wishes to split their time with a part-time job and that is okay because there are others things you can do to make your resume look just as good as some work experience! Here are five ways to boost your resume or LinkedIn profile that is not job experience.

  1. Getting involved on campus

This will probably be said to you a few too many times during your university years, but it is only because it is so important to network and form personal or professional relationships with others. Your involvement in any extra-curricular shows future employers your ability to develop essential skills for the workplace such as time management or the ability to work in groups. It can be on or off-campus involvement with clubs, teams, associations and organizations.

  1. Taking specific courses

Depending on the position you are applying for, it can sometimes be beneficial to include relevant courses you have taken. Employers can see what areas you are knowledgeable in and see what you know and do not know. You might also find it beneficial to add any projects or assignments you have completed that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

  1. Studying abroad

The opportunity to travel? With the added bonus of completing transferable course credits?! This is why studying abroad is such a unique opportunity for students to choose. While being completely immersed into the area’s culture, customs and lifestyle, you will most likely develop useful skills and abilities unknowingly. Having to quickly adjust and adapt to new environments, learning new languages and the responsibilities involved in moving to another country are all valuable.

  1. Volunteer work

Volunteering can be as equally important and beneficial to put on a resume. It can sometimes even prove to be of higher value to the employer or organization, depending on the position. Volunteering shows your interest and dedication to helping others, while also demonstrating your passions. Volunteer positions over time can also lead to a good recommendation by your superiors, solid professional connections, and potentially a paid position with the organization or group.

  1. Personal projects

Have you been working on side projects over the years or developing business ideas during the summer? All of your ideas and projects can be highlighted on a resume. Interested in writing? Create a blog! They are free, easy to use and a great way to get your creative pieces out in the public. Enjoy photography? Cultivate a portfolio or create an Instagram account for your works, demonstrating your knowledge of digital media and social media marketing. Turn your interests into your side hustle and show employers what you do with your spare time. Although during the school-year, what is spare time?

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