5 questions that bring about during-exam fright


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1.      What happens if I have to go to the bathroom during the exam?

No bathroom breaks! Just kidding! Of course, you can use the bathroom. Just raise your hand and an exam supervisor will come over to you, and you can tell them what’s up. You’ll need to bring your exam materials to the front, and they’ll be held by an exam invigilator. Bring your student card and sign out. Sign back in when you’re back, and continue your exam! 

2.      What happens if I suddenly feel sick during the exam?

Of course, this can happen, we all get sick. One thing to keep in mind is your nerves. If you’re nervous for your exam you may feel a little sick, so make sure you recognize that and don’t confuse it with being really ill and having to leave the exam. I’d recommend if you start to feel ill, take a bathroom break and try returning to your exam. Students are expected to complete a final examination once begun. So, if you a significant deterioration in health while the examination is in progress, you will have to submit a petition to apply to write a deferred examination.

3.      Am I allowed to leave the exam space if I finish early?

At the beginning of any exam, no matter where you are writing, there is a 30-minute sign in period. During this time you cannot leave the exam room, even to go to the bathroom (I recommend going before, as well as making sure once you’re seated and ready with all your exam materials). After a half an hour, once everyone in the exam room has been signed in, you can sign out of your exam to use the washroom or if you’re finished with your exam, you can leave.

4.      What do I do if I have questions about the exam?

Often, your professor is present at your exam location. You can raise your hand and your prof will come over, or if not you can ask an exam invigilator to ask your prof to come and help you out.  If neither is available, use your best judgment. You have studied, you can do this!

5.      What do I do if I need an additional exam booklet?

Just raise your hand and help is on the way! Writing more is no problem at all. Your professor or an exam invigilator will be happy to bring you a second (or third) exam booklet.

More questions? Click here! https://carleton.ca/ses/exam-faq-students/ 

The year is almost over, hang in there and study hard. It’ll be over in no time!

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