What is a Peer Helper?


Learning Logger Julia
Communication and Media Studies


Since starting my position at the Office of Student Affairs through the Peer Helper program, I’ve been asked many questions – though the most common would have to be, “what is a Peer Helper?”

I was given the opportunity to work on Student Affairs campaigns, with my title officially being ‘CU Don’t Know and Student Affairs Campaign Promoter’. Though I interviewed for two different jobs through the Peer Helper program, I was offered the one that was truly the best fit for me. Not only do I get to use skills I have already honed through previous work experience, I am constantly excited by tasks that utilize and test my weaknesses.

Being challenged and learning in an environment already so familiar to you – the Carleton campus – makes the program feel comfortable and fun. For instance, I was assigned a project in conjunction with another office, working on something I was entirely unfamiliar with. By having a support system of peers already available on campus, my stress was (slightly) lessened and I have been able to collaborate to achieve goals.

The Peer Helper program isn’t just a way to fill out your CCR, though. It’s an extremely immersive way of getting involved on campus, allowing you to meet people in offices you may have never thought to visit. I have learned so much more about Carleton as an institution because of the program, and it has definitely already made my university experience much more memorable.

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