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1 | Make Sure You Bring Your School Schedule

At the bookstore we organize our textbooks alphabetically, by course code and number. Bring a syllabus with you and look up your course code and number to find your textbook. If you can’t find it, we have a lot of staff around to help you. There is also a possibility that your professor/instructor has not ordered their textbook through the bookstore so make sure to find this information beforehand.

2 | You Can Rent Used or New Books for the Semester

In order to rent a used or new book, you must be 18 years or older, have a credit card and a government ID in order to rent. You can only rent a textbook for one semester, if your course is a year long, you will not be able to rent, as it will cost you more money. When you find your textbook on the shelf, make sure to read the tag underneath to find out the price (new and used) and under “Rent” it will tell you if you can rent the book. If the textbook is used, it will have a yellow “Used” sticker on the spine of the book. If there is none, we do not have any used books left. A side note, you can also buy a digital version of your textbook.

3 | You Can Price Match Your Textbook

Our price match system for textbooks works differently than other stores. You first need to make sure the website you want to price match from is Canadian. Amazon.ca and Haven Books are great places to price match from. When looking for your textbook on Amazon.ca make sure that it is Amazon that is selling the textbook and not a third party seller. As for the money, you will be paying the entire amount for the textbook but you will receive the balance on a bookstore gift card that never expires and can be used on anything.

4 | You Can Order Your Books Online

This is a very good way to avoid the long line up at the beginning of the semester. One thing you need to know about ordering online is that we pick everything you order from our store. If something is out of stock in the bookstore you will not be able to order it online. When you come to pick up your online order, make sure you have your order number with you (found on your confirmation email) and make sure that your email says specifically that your order is ready for pick up. This will save you a lot of time.

5 | You Can Sell Your Books Back

Our buyback program runs all year ‘round, though there are better times to sell your books. We will usually buy more textbooks a month or two before the new semester starts. Our buyback program will only allow us to scan the textbook, so you will need to make sure you have it with you. You can receive up to 50% of what you paid for your textbook. If you choose to sell your books to us you will need to have your debit card to receive your money. This is a great way to get rid of clutter and get some extra cash.

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