The Carleton Pathway Podcast

Introducing the Carleton Pathway Podcast

The Carleton Pathway Podcast is a new podcast that examines life on campus and the people in our community. The podcast features interviews with current students, recent alumni, faculty and staff all talking about current events, their time at Carleton and their pathway through life and their career.

Based on the website Pathways to Graduation, the Carleton Pathway Podcast explores dynamic journeys to and through the Carleton community. Guests on the podcast will share their unique stories about their lives, the impact Carleton had on their journey, how they overcame challenges and tips on where listeners interested in achieving the same pathway should start.

You can find more details of season one, along with details for each episode, on the Season One page.

Catch the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher and YouTube.

Recent Episodes

With the Pathway Podcast now in its second season, learn more from current students, recent alumni, faculty and staff about their time at Carleton and the pathways they took to get where they are now.

A Community of Support

Carleton University is proud of being a diverse community of communities that offers support to all of our members. Amal Elmi plays a vital role in providing that support, as a member of the team in the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC). On the eve of Sexual Assault Awareness Week 2021, Amal joins the podcast to talk about the week planned, programming offered year-round by and to discuss what led to her current career.

Stacks, Socials and Self-Discovery

The road to self-discovery in a winding one, and Mike Reynolds shares their expertise on all things self-discovery through their position at Carleton as the social media communications officer for the MacOdrum library – as well as their own nearly 15k Instagram followers. Mike joins the podcast to discuss the ups-and-downs of social media, their coming-out journey and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Making Mittens and a Difference

Ravens women’s hockey player Emma Weller isn’t experiencing a typical rookie season but that hasn’t slowed her down. The rookie forward is using her extra downtime in residence to give back to those less fortunate by making mittens and toques for the homeless in Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston.

Inside eSports

Only amplified by the pandemic, the growth and popularity of eSports is on a meteoric rise. Carleton student and member of the Ravens Hearthstone eSports team Justin Proulx joins the podcast to explain the world of competitive gaming, and to talk balancing competing and academics, and the future of eSports.

Embracing the Opportunity

Facing a global pandemic while finishing her engineering degree, Carleton student Isabelle Bryenton is taking full advantage of studying online. With a bike, a passion for racing and some good connections, Isabelle joins the podcast to talk about time management and balancing studying and training as a competitive cyclist in Girona, Spain.

Upcoming Episodes

Throughout the season, we are going to explore how our guests have navigated their journey, the role Carleton played in their path and learn from their experiences.

Upcoming episodes include Stenley Philippe with the Undergraduate Recruitment Office (URO), Isabelle Bryenton who is a competitive cyclist as well as a Biomedical and Electrical Engineering student, and Ravens Esports.

As a listener, you will have the opportunity to share guests you want to see featured on the show, topics that you want covered and questions that you want asked. You can share your suggestions on social media @Carleton_U on Twitter and Instagram or by email at

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