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    Last Updated: March 9, 2018

    Q: Is Carleton University open?
    A: Yes. The university remains open for our students, faculty, staff and members of the broader community. Classes will continue as scheduled. University operations will continue, although there will be a reduction to services. There may also be a delay in getting on and off campus. students.carleton.ca/negotiations/service-information

    Q: Will classes continue?
    A: Yes. Students are expected to go to their classes as usual and carry on with assignments, readings and other academic work. Faculty, instructors and all non-striking employees will continue teaching and working. The university will provide information to students as quickly as possible about any disruption to classes or labs in the event of a strike.

    Q: What Union is on strike?
    A: The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 2424, representing approximately 850 clerical, technical and administrative staff.

    Q: How long will the strike last?
    A: A strike would end as soon as a tentative settlement is reached between the university and the union. The parties are committed to ongoing negotiations.

    Q: How will students be kept informed?
    A: Changes to normal operations will be communicated to all students through their cmail accounts and on the website: students.carleton.ca/negotiations

    Q: How will I know if a lab/tutorial has been cancelled?
    A: Students will be contacted by their instructor/Chair/Director/Dean should labs/tutorials be cancelled for safety reasons. Where possible, an updated list of known cancelled labs/tutorials will be available at: students.carleton.ca/negotiations/lab-tutorial-cancellations

    Q: How does the strike affect my work as a TA?
    A: All employees not in CUPE 2424 (such as CUASA and CUPE 4600 members) are expected to attend work as normal. Individuals who refuse to cross the picket line will be deemed to be ‘absent without leave’ and their pay will be reduced accordingly. More information for Faculty, Instructors and TAs is available on the Provost’s internal website. i.carleton.ca/provost

    Q: Will CUOL be affected by the strike?
    A: CUOL courses will continue. However, in some instances, previously recorded lectures will be used. There will be free VOD access to all lectures posted during the labour disruption. The kiosks in the CUOL Student Centre (D299 Loeb) will be open 24/7, however, the loan of headphones will be suspended.

    Q: Will classes be held off campus?
    A: Holding classes off campus (i.e. outside the scheduled time and location) is not permitted and will not be sanctioned by the university.

    Q: Are Carleton’s service offices be open during job action?
    A: Yes, campus services including the registrar’s office, residence, library, athletics and health and counselling services, will be open. However, there will be a reduction to services. students.carleton.ca/negotiations/service-information>

    Q: I’ve tried calling an office, but no one is answering the phone. What do I do?
    A: We encourage all students to email their inquiries as phone calls may not be able to be answered. Emails will be answered as soon as possible on a priority basis. Email addresses can be found at: students.carleton.ca/negotiations/service-information

    Q: What if my academic department is closed?
    Should you have difficulty accessing your academic department during the current labour disruption, please visit the Registrar’s Office (300 Tory Building) between 10:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00 – 3:00pm Monday to Friday.

    Q: Will the Library be open?
    A: Yes. The Library is open. However the opening hours and the services offered will be reduced. Information about the Library can be found at: library.carleton.ca

    Q: Will students in residence be affected?
    A: The residences will remain open and operational. The Department of Housing and Residence Life in Stormont House has been closed and services will be provided from the Residence Desk in Residence Commons.

    Q: Will Carleton Athletics hold all instructional and competitive programs?
    A: Yes. Carleton Athletics will continue to run all programs and the facilities will be open during their regular hours. Some fitness classes may be cancelled and this will be communicated directly with the participants.

    Q: Will Health and Counselling Services be open?
    A: Yes. However, there will be a reduction in services. For up to date information, please see our website for reduced services and opening hours: students.carleton.ca/negotiations/service-information

    Q: Will it still be possible to register or change courses for the Winter term?
    A: Yes. Carleton Central will continue to be available for all registration and administrative activity.

    Q: Will I still be able to drop my Winter term courses?
    A: Yes. Carleton Central will continue to be available for all registration and administrative activity.

    Q: Will the Registrar’s Office be open?
    A: Yes. We will continue to serve students in room 300 Tory Building between 10:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00 – 3:00pm Monday to Friday. For a list of services that are offered during the current labour disruption, please visit: students.carleton.ca/negotiations/service-information

    Q: I’m a student employee. What do I do?
    A: Students who are employed by the university are expected to attend work and perform their assigned duties. Student employees who choose not to cross picket lines, will be deemed absent from work and will not be paid.

    Q: Is picketing permitted during the strike?
    A: Yes. During a legal strike, the striking union has the right to establish a picket line at the vehicle entrances to the campus.

    Picketers are legally permitted to carry signs stating the nature of the dispute, speak to people entering the property about their concerns and ask people entering the property to join the picket line. Electronic monitoring of picket line activity may be conducted by both parties.

    Picketers may not prevent anyone from coming onto campus and respectful behaviour is expected from everyone. Carleton has provided traffic vests to identify picket captains.

    Students who have mobility issues and who may need assistance crossing a picket line are encouraged to take Para Transpo or the O-Train as those operations will continue as usual. Emergency vehicles will receive expedited access to campus.

    Q: Are there any limits on what picketers are allowed to do?
    A: Yes. Picketers are not permitted to:

    • Block access to the university
    • Use force, threats or threatening gestures to prevent people from coming onto university property
    • Otherwise engage in unlawful behaviour

    Q: Are students expected to cross the picket line?
    A: Yes. Students have the legal right to cross a picket line and to come to campus, attend classes and use all available university services during a strike.

    Q: Do you have any recommendations for crossing a picket line?
    A: Anyone crossing the picket line is legally obligated to do so in a manner that does not endanger the life or safety of any person. Some suggestions:

    • Approach a picket line as you would a busy intersection. Come to a full stop, watch for an opening and exercise caution before proceeding.
    • Keep personal bias and emotions in check. Be friendly or neutral.
    • Report any unlawful picket activities to the Department of University Safety (613-520-3612 for non-emergencies / 613-520-4444 for emergencies).

    Q: What if I have a problem getting through a picket line?
    A: If you are refused access to campus by picketers, or experience any incidents of intimidation, threats or violence, please contact the Department of University Safety (613-520-3612 for non-emergencies / 613-520-4444 for emergencies).

    Please keep a written record of the incident, the names of those involved and any witnesses.

    Q: Will OC Transpo continue to service the university campus during a strike?
    A: OC Transpo will not cross the picket line. Service will be offered to Bronson Ave. only. Para Transpo will offer regular service on and off campus, however there may be delays. The O-Train will provide its regular service to campus.

    Q: What about Para Transpo?
    A: Para Transpo will offer regular service on and off campus, however there may be delays. Where possible, students may want to consider taking the O-Train from the Bayview or Greenboro stations to and from campus as it may provide the easiest access to campus.

    Q: Will the O-Train be affected?
    A: The O-Train will provide its regular service to campus.

    Q: What about taxi service to campus?
    A: When you call for a taxi, please advise them of the picket lines. The driver should tell you whether or not he/she is willing to cross the line. Blue Line Taxi (Coventry Connections) will not cross the picket line and will be picking-up and dropping off their fares on curb at Brewer Way which is located just across Bronson Ave. (from the SafePath/Crosswalk that brings pedestrians alongside Athletics and Parking Lot 5).

    Q: I have mobility issues and have trouble getting around campus without the buses. What are my options?
    A: A free accessible shuttle service is n available for students with mobility issues, which will operate within the Carleton campus between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday. To request the shuttle, please call 613-520-5609 with your name, student ID and pick up location.


    Q: What about parking?
    A: Paid parking lots on campus will operate as usual. If you drive, allow extra time to enter and exit the university. Carleton parking rules remain in effect and will be enforced.

    Q: What is the university doing to settle the strike?
    A: CUPE 2424 members are important contributors to the university’s educational mission and their work is highly valued. The bargaining team representing the employer and the bargaining unit have been working diligently since summer 2017 to reach a settlement. Some bargaining issues have been resolved while other issues are still outstanding.

    Carleton University remains fully committed to reaching a negotiated settlement that reflects the university’s fiscal reality and funding framework. Carleton University respects the collective bargaining process and is committed to carrying on mediated discussions at the bargaining table.

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