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Though the weather is getting warmer, Carleton students are still hitting the books this summer! Studying in the summer is a great opportunity to grow your mind and get outdoors. No matter the semester, one of the most difficult parts of studying is finding the perfect study spot. Here is our list of the top five summer study spots on campus where you can soak up some sun and get your study on:

#5: The Discovery Centre
The Discovery Centre is a go to summer study spot… at least once you’re ready to return to the library. The Discovery Centre is usually a bustling place during the year and is arguably the hardest place to find a spot to study. You make eye contact with the girl walking by that empty table and the race for the last empty study is space on, only to have another group of people sneak in and snag the spot. In the summer, the days of the study spot hunger games are over and you’ll be able to pick between a media booth and one of the [iconic] yellow chairs.

#4: Page Break
You might not want to study in the library just yet but something to keep in mind is that in the summer months the lines at the various on campus coffee spots are shorter! Getting your daily caffeine fix has never been so easy. The MacOdrum Library has its very own Starbucks! What better way to cool off from the summer heat then to sip on a refreshing beverage and flip through your textbooks!

#3: Richcraft Hall
If you need a break for the sun but still want a nice view, then Richcraft hall is the place for you. The couches on the third floor provide you with ample space to hit the books throughout the summer. If you feel like changing up your view, take a trip to Reader’s Digest Resource Centre on the fourth floor! You’re sure to fly through those summer assignments while studying in Richcraft Hall.

#2: The Quad
The #2 summer study spot, the Quad, is the heart of the Carleton campus! Take advantage of the green space by sitting under a tree, seating yourself on one of the benches or at a picnic table. When you need to take a study break, hop on the tree swing!

#1: The River!
Carleton is situated beside two bodies of water, the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River! The river is the premier spot to peruse those pages! The stunning view provides you with the perfect Instagram spot for one of your study breaks.

Happy studying

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