Staying Physically Active during the Pandemic and the Term


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Bachelor of Health Sciences


Hey there! My name is JC Caramillo and I am currently a candidate for a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Disability Studies – it’s a long title, I know. Last academic year, I was working with Health Promotion as a placement student and I’ll be returning as a Health Promotion Team Leader for the current academic year. I’m ecstatic to be providing my knowledge and wisdom with you, especially since this will my final year at Carleton University!

With the weather warming up, all I want to do is go outside for a walk or a bike ride. Although, I know that the semester is getting to that stage where everything feels busy and everything feels like a blur. The busyness that always comes around during this period makes me lock myself in my room; some days I go without getting any time outside. Although this is the case, I’ve since learned the physical activity can improve academic success. As students, we shouldn’t be confined to the walls of our room or of our house and sitting at our desks for the whole day. Instead, integrating physical activity during our days can benefit our health, academic success, and general well-being. I’ll be sharing some tips that we can both use to get some physical activity during this busy time!

Firstly, wake up 30 minutes early to go out for a stroll. I know it seems hard pulling yourself out of bed to go out for a walk, but those early spring sunrises are beautiful. By doing this, you start your day off with some light physical activity and you give yourself some time to actually wake up before starting your day.

Secondly, utilize the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes and taking a 5 minute break. During that 5 minute break, head outside and walk around your house or neighborhood for 5 minutes. This gives you some time to decompress and gets you moving! I find this to be helpful since it helps me schedule time to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Grab a pair of earphones so you can listen to some music or a snippet of your podcast or call a friend to chat during that break.

Next, when practicing for a presentation, think about standing up and pacing around to prepare for it! I’ve done this for all of my major presentations and I’ve imagined myself to be the keynote speaker at a large conference. Whether classes are held in-person or online, we oftentimes sit for hours on end; this gives you a chance to stand up and make yourself to be the main character at an event!

Lastly, try some at-home workouts. Whether this involves high intensity training, light yoga, or somewhere in between, there is something out there for you. I enjoy practicing yoga during the evenings so I can release any tension from the day. When I’m feeling up to it, I search for at-home high intensity training videos on YouTube. With the pandemic, so many of these videos were made by content creators for people to help with sedentary lifestyles during the pandemic.

Well that’s it for me! In short, I recommend going out for a walk in the morning and/or during your breaks, presenting standing up like a keynote speaker, and using online resources in order to engage in physically active lifestyles during the pandemic!

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