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To kick off Emergency Preparedness Week (October 18 to 22, 2021), Carleton’s Emergency Management & Continuity of Operation Team would like to share how you can be prepared, whether on campus, at home or while travelling.

Stay Informed

Take the time to be aware of and learn more about the hazards that are likely to occur in your region. As you learn more about each hazard, review the best actions to take before, during and after should that hazard trigger an emergency event. Be aware of local forecasts, as well as weather statements, advisories, watches, and warnings. Download the Carleton mobile app to stay updated on campus emergencies and the Environment Canada’s WeatherCAN App for updates on local weather.

Have a Plan

Develop a plan with your family, your roommates, or create your own personal emergency plan. A plan can help you know what to do, where to go, and who to contact in an emergency. Having this information in one place will ensure it is handy and accessible when you need it most. Plans should include personal contact information, emergency contacts, important numbers, meeting sites, medication/special needs, and pet-related information (if applicable). Templates to get you started are available through the Emergency Management website. It’s a good idea to also have multiple evacuation routes planned for your location and practice them regularly.

Build a Kit

Have an emergency kit or “go bag” ready. The kit should contain items that will help you take care of yourself until emergency responders can get to you. Your emergency go bag should contain items that will cover you for a minimum of three days. Make sure to regularly check on your kit or go bag and switch out any outdated or expired items. For some ideas of what you should have in your kit, review Carleton’s emergency kit guidance.

For more information on how you can stay #CUReady and prepared, visit the Emergency Management website.

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