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With the Panda Game coming up, this week’s Pro-Tips episode is about how to party safe. We talked with Dillon Brady, Carleton’s Residence Student Conduct Coordinator, to get his three three tips on how to enjoy yourself on game day, but also keep yourself safe.

Have a Plan

Whenever you’re going on and you know you’ll be using substances, make sure know where you are going, how you are getting there and who you are going with. That could be picking a designated driver, downloading Uber or Lyft or looking up what bus routes you’ll need to take beforehand. Keep an eye on your friends, and always use the buddy to system to make sure everyone gets home safe!

Just Pick One

Dillon recommends sticking to only on substance at a time, no matter what you’re using- mixing substances together can have some negative effects in both the short and long term, so you’re better off sticking to one. He also suggests starting “low and slow” if you’re trying a new substance for the first time, as well as making sure there’s a sober friend to help you out and make sure you stay safe.

Get Support

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, know that there are supports available on campus to help. Health and Counselling provides confidential counselling and medical health supports, our Wellness website has resources specifically geared at substance abuse, and Carleton’s Therapy Dogs are always around campus if you’re looking for some relaxation on campus.

Make sure you’re partying safe this Panda, so that no matter the score you come out a winner!

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