My Fall Break Wellness Journey


Quote the Raven: Madi


Howdy – and happy Fall Break! Like most students, I am very thankful to have a bit of a break in my routine and typically busy schedule. Between school, work and a social life, I am often on the go and when life gets busy, especially around this time in the semester, my to-do list needs a little trimming. Unfortunately, self-care is usually the first thing I cut.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in practicing self-care, I love it and I know it’s good for me. It’s just one of those things where I tell myself that half an hour would be better spent elsewhere and so I stop doing the things that make me feel good and allow me to focus on myself to accommodate something or someone else. I also know this affects me – I know I get crankier, I don’t necessarily use that half an hour well and it can lead to more stress, not less.

Given that I have time, and I know my November is going to be very busy I am challenging myself to reintroduce self-care into my routine. For the next week, I want to do one self-care item a day and I will be vlogging as I go to share the things that I am doing and what I am learning from this experience. Now, given that my schedule this week is much different than my typical schedule, I am going to be intentional about finding things that I can keep in my every-week routine.

Since I am a student I also need to be mindful with money which means I can’t afford to maintain some of the trendier or more luxurious self-care items in my daily life but luckily, there are many ways to practice wellness or self-care for little to no money! So here we go – one week of wellness!

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