International Student: Learning to Embrace the Inevitable Winter


Learning Logger Manthan


As an international student in Canada, winter was a worry for me. I arrived on campus in January of 2016. I have many memories from that first snowy season – ice storm warnings, chaotic bus rides for 8a.m. classes and many other little consequences made my first winter in Canada one to remember.

On my first day at Carleton, while heading to my class in Mackenzie, I was blinded by snow. I had taken the o-train and the white blur caused disruption on the campus roads while students like myself, dared the cold. I was often late that semester to 8:30a.m. classes – perhaps it was the early morning, perhaps it was the cold. My woolen socks and heavy winter coat kept me going. Winter was never easy for me in Canada, perhaps quite beautiful. It’s not the season we’re waiting for all long year but the time we’d wish to pass pretty quick. Days were short as darkness stayed longer. Roads were clumsy with

Winter was never easy for me in Canada but it was beautiful. Nevertheless, we all hope it passes by quickly. The days are short and the darkness lasts longer. During those months my bed was my best friend. As a child, I remember seeing stories of old Santa surrounded by gifts in the season of white sand. Hence, real snow petrified me

The thought of real snow seemed surreal. I recall after that first cold, snowy day that I would have to embrace this season – perspective and positivity. It’s not a penalty but a gift from nature.

Winter taught me how to build the perfect snowball and play ice hockey. This was the season where I learned to get myself up – self-motivation. It’s not always easy to start but absolutely amazing to continue. Winter in Canada taught me how to enjoy the cold and the snow while enjoying time outdoors with my friends. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve in Canada are all pages in the scrapbook of my life.

With one winter under my belt, I’ve got a great sense of security for what’s to come.

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