How to Spring Clean Your Life – Boosting Productivity through Work-Life Balance


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A couple weeks ago, spring started to play its game of peek-a-boo. Let me set the scene for you. I’m going about my morning routine and I notice the playlist in the background is accented with more than the typical sounds of downtown traffic. The birds are chirping again! To me, this means spring is nearly here and it’s time to remove all the stale energy that has accumulated over winter and prepare for a fresh start. In other words, it’s time for a spring cleaning – for your life!

For many of us, life in the Pandemic Era means our workspace has merged with our living space, and as a result it can be difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For some, spending most of their time at home makes it difficult to find the motivation to work as efficiently as they are capable of doing, while others may find themselves getting caught up in the mentality that their time is being wasted if they are not using every minute productively (spoiler alert: it’s not true!). Personally, I’m guilty of the latter. But finding and practicing this separation between work time and “life” time is so important, now more than ever, as it gives us the structure that we’ve all lost to varying degrees and supports the maintenance of good mental health. Additionally, it can actually boost productivity and work quality.

One of the easiest ways to create work-life balance is to redefine or re-organize your workspace. Some of you may find it beneficial to work in different places around your home as it’s been suggested that switching up your workspace regularly can help boost productivity and mood! However, if hopping around isn’t accessible for you or simply not your cup of tea, perhaps you can opt to re-arrange your existing workspace instead. De-cluttering is a great place to start; throw away, recycle, or donate materials that no longer have use or value to you. With the things you decide to keep, distinguish between what you would like or need in your direct workspace, and what can be put away in a filing cabinet or on a shelf. Another fun way to shift stale energy is to switch up the arrangement of your furniture! As the days are starting to get longer, you may want to move your desk or favourite lounge spot to an area that will let you enjoy the sunlight more!

Cleaning up your virtual space is another important aspect of spring-cleaning your life. With so much time being spent on screens and the constant flow of information and media we’re exposed to, taking the time to detox is another way to create a healthy work-life balance, support your mental health needs, and boost productivity and mood. At the start of every new season, I like to cleanse my timeline and mailbox of content that I no longer gain value from, and focus on or seek content that aligns with or reaffirms my goals. Startups Magazine has a helpful article with more tips on de-cluttering your virtual space. Another thing I like to do to refresh the virtual space on my phone is to reorganize the set-up of my apps and change up the wallpaper or general theme to fit the mood of the new season!

Now is a great time to reap the benefits of a life spring-cleaning with the end of term coming up. Refreshing the energy in your work and life space will help you stay focused and motivated to power through the last leg of the race! Happy cleaning!

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