Helping Through Social Media: My Experience in The Peer Helper Program


Learning Logger Jenny
Social Work


When I applied for the Social Media Campaign Advisor position for the Peer Helper Program at Carleton, I believed I was qualified because of my background in graphic design – and I knew I was very passionate in all aspects involving social media. When I started my university degree in Social Work, I wanted to focus more on helping others by using my knowledge of social problems to educate people. Little did I know that accepting this job opportunity would allow me to use my graphic, photography and social media talents and combine it all with my love for helping others.

Helping and educating my fellow students through social media has allowed me to bring my passion to life and has made me very happy. I felt as though I did my part in creating meaningful posts, designing meaningful graphic posters and writing meaningful logs  – of which I am extremely proud.

I am also tremendously fortunate to have a peer helper leader who realizes that this is what I love and what I am good at. He has helped me achieve my best work and has guided me throughout the school year. He has given me advice, acknowledges what I was doing well and has given me opportunities to showcase my talents. I was also privileged to be able to work my normal part-time job, continue to have a lot of time for homework and classes all while working as a peer helper, which was great since I am usually very busy and never felt that I had enough time to do anything to benefit the university.

Since I wanted to work mostly on projects involving social services, I accepted all opportunities involved with addressing social problems on campus including Thrive Week, Learning Logs promoting positive mental health, Instagram and Snapchat posts involving events on campus that strived for social change and education and using my photography skills to capture everything in between. I worked hard to make an impact on everything social on campus and I had so much fun doing it. I encourage you to get involved and seek out opportunities that allow you to put your best work forward that can help your peers. They also are great opportunities to have on your co-curricular record, leaving your with great success.

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