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Communications and Media Studies


This past semester, I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to the world of Carleton Athletics, through working as a Game Day Assistant.
Throughout my university career, I have enjoyed many variety sports games. Little did I know how much hard work goes into the planning and execution of each and every game and the positive relationships that employees have with fans and the athletes themselves.
While working as a Game Day Assistant I have seen the inside workings of Carleton Athletics. Did you know that they try to keep things interesting for the audience by having fun theme nights? Or that most of the time the individuals running the half time shows are student volunteers?

There were so many things I didn’t know. Yes, Carleton has awesome sports teams and awesome fans but they also have a dedicated marketing and event team. The multiple teams work countless hours finding sponsors, writing scripts, and thinking of fun ways to engage the audience. A big part of their job is in the preparation but when it comes to execution, I had no idea how much time athletics staff commit to being at each and every game making sure things run smoothly. It doesn’t matter if they worked all week, they are present, with a happy face, interacting with fans to make sure they have a great time. I have been fortunate to meet some die hard hockey fans. I think the reason that they keep coming back (besides the fact they love hockey and the Ravens) are the incredible service and relationships that have formed from watching the game and cheering on the same team.

It was also fascinating to learn that many fellow students are part of the Carleton Athletic team working part-time. Being surrounded by a great group of fellow busy students and athletes it reminds me that time management is so important. Seeing the staff work with deadlines it reminds me to be conscious of my school deadlines and to but as much effort as I can into the project to ensure that I am happy with it, just like the end result of how fans would be happy with the game.
So next time you go to a game, stop for a moment to reflect. A lot of hard work went into the planning and execution of this event…so make sure to cheer your loudest for the Ravens!

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