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The CU Spirit Day team is looking for your help in designing next year’s CU Spirit Day apparel. Submissions are due Friday, February 9, 2017, and designs will be voted on by the Carleton community starting in mid-February.  Here are six tips to a great design:

  1. Use negative space to your advantage! Since the design must be black and white, try to find ways to make every section of your design interesting.
  2. Less is more! Try to keep your design easy on the eyes with a simple design.
  3. Play with different fonts to see which ones are easier to read. Consider using sleek, clear ones and try not to use more than two.
  4. Review your design with someone before submitting it! Getting feedback from others is the best way to see what aspects of your design may need to change.
  5. Be creative when incorporating the Raven’s logo/the word “Ravens”.
  6. Not the creative type? Call on the creative people in your life to help you out, or embrace your left-brain and come up with a cool, simple, straight-forward design.

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