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Learning Logger Rebecca


1. What was the most memorable moment of your Carleton experience?

My most memorable moment at Carleton would have to be arriving early on move in day and being bombarded with excited Frosh week facilitators. The Frosh week that followed included some of the funniest, heartwarming, and exciting times I have ever had. It was the perfect transition into the community that is Carleton.

2. What service centers were instrumental to your success as a student?

A service center that was instrumental in my degree was the Engineering Academic Support Office. Not only did this office provide me with information about my program, but I also worked in this office as a co-op placement and during my last year. With this opportunity I was able to help mentor and guide other students in the engineering programs at Carleton.

3. Which community member has made a difference in your time here at Carleton?

My time at Carleton was full of influence from different people. One group of people that have made a difference in my time at Carleton are the Residence Life Staff team. I worked in Carleton’s Residence for three years and was a part of an awesome team. We not only worked to support our residence students but also developed lasting friendships and support networks within our teams that have stayed with me throughout my degree.

4. What achievement or experience are you most proud of from your years here?

My most proud experience at Carleton would be traveling to Longido, Tanzania with the From Buckets to Rain Barrels group. Spending the year developing engineering solutions to a water crisis, and actually traveling to Longido to work on the project, was the perfect way to finish off my degree and enter a career.

5. What advice would you give to a new Carleton student?
I would advise new Carleton students to keep an open mind when entering university. Be ready to meet countless new people, find new interests, and really begin to figure out who you are. It can be crazy and scary and wonderful all at once and it will be over before you know it, so enjoy every moment.

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