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Learning Logger Eleonora
Commerce, Marketing


1. What was the most memorable moment of your Carleton experience?

It is hard to pick one specific moment when my entire journey at Carleton has been amazing. Being involved within the international and business communities have made every day memorable. However, the most memorable moment has to be in my first few weeks of university when I interviewed for the Sprott Student Investment Fund as it was my first ever interview. Happily I received the position and was promoted the following year where I was positioned on the other side of the table interviewing other candidates.

2. Which service centers were instrumental to your success as a student?

Carleton offers so my services to students that are very helpful. Having been an international student, the International Student Service Office (ISSO) has been fundamental for my understanding of Canada and helping me transition to a new city and school system. The staff is very lovely and always happy to answer any questions. As a business student, The Business Career Management Centre has helped with familiarizing students with the way to do business in North America, from resume building to interview preparation to networking. I strongly encourage all students to take advantage of all services as they are there to enhance and ease the student experience.

3. Which community member has made a difference in your time here at Carleton?

The first employee that comes to my mind is definitely Maria Walt at the ISSO. She’s an incredible woman who, with her lovely smile and her positivity, has always supported me and pushed me to do better. She gave me many opportunities to give back to the community and I am grateful to have met her!
Dr. Nicolas Papadopoulos has also had a huge impact in my career path and experience at Carleton. I have loved his international marketing class and his inside knowledge in the marketing field of a multinational. I am very inspired by him and hope one day to be as influential and respected in the international marketing field as Dr. Papadopoulos.

4. Which achievement or experience are you most proud of from your years here?

The experience I am the most proud of is for sure being the Marketing Manager of the Sprott Student Investment Fund. It has given me the opportunity to meet and work with different students, faculty and staff that I would have not had the opportunity otherwise. This role has also opened many doors for my career as it is valuable experience. It has prepared me for the real world while providing me with many memories and great friends.

5. What advice would you give to a new Carleton student?

To all students the advice I can give is to get involved. Being involved has made my experience significantly better. The university experience goes beyond studying and going to class. By getting involved, I have met some of the most amazing and caring people, made great memories and also found ways to solve any problems as well as help others. Carleton offers so many ways to get involved that is just a matter of what interests the person. Do not wait until the last few years. Start right away and be ahead of your classmates. Being involved not only is fun but it also is a huge resume booster as it shows initiative and commitment.

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