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Most of us are wondering what we are going to do on Halloween this year with the constant increase in COVID-19 cases and especially because the governments rules and regulations changed on October 2, 2020, pausing social circles and recommending that individuals only have contact with their own household, or if they are living alone, with one other household that they trust.

Gathering in-person with your friends to celebrate Halloween isn’t a responsible option to choose given the increase in cases, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun, and safe, Halloween with your friends; you just might have to go virtual.

Some alternatives to in-person celebrations that my friends and I are considered are:

A virtual game night, a virtual movie night, virtual pumpkin carving, virtual costume party. These are easy and manageable alternatives that still allow us to enjoy all of the festive fun that Halloween contains.

A virtual game night could include a number of different games, such as an online murder mystery game which you can play with your friends – a great one can be found on Red Herring Games. All you have to do is pick a game you would like to do, download it and then email your friends their invitation, listing everything they need to know about the game and then the online spooky murder mystery night begins.

Another virtual game that is quite popular right now that could make for a creepy late-night Halloween game is Among Us, where you are either a “crewmate” or an “imposter”. If you are a crewmate you must run around the ship trying to complete a set of tasks while trying to avoid getting killed by the one or several imposters. You can either download it to your PC if you have one, but if you have an Apple computer unfortunately you will have to download it on your phone.

A virtual movie night is also another option for a spooky Halloween night. Watch it virtually with your friends through Teleparty (formally Netflix Party) which synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to a number of different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu and HBO where you watch horror movies together and be scared together. Linked is a list of fantastic Halloween movies that will scare your socks off! First one on the list is Host, which was just released in 2020, a post-pandemic horror in the shape of a Zoom call gone wrong, but if you have pandemic scares this isn’t the movie for you as everything in this movie is highly relatable!

If you are looking for a less spooky alternative, pumpkin carving is the way to go. Start an online pumpkin carving contest over Zoom or Skype or any of the number of online video services to watch your friends as they struggle to carve out the best Jack-O’-Lantern ever. Here are some Jack-O’-Lantern ideas that will impress both your friends and your neighbours when you put them on display.

Already have a Halloween costume or still want to dress up? Start a virtual costume party with your friends, get dressed up in your best homemade or store bought costume for your friends to admire, and maybe even judge if you are interested in a costume contest. See who has the scariest costume, the best thought out costume, or maybe even the best pandemic related costume – here are some ideas from Mashable.

With all the new technologies and online platforms there isn’t a reason why we can’t celebrate Halloween in safe, creative ways with our friends.

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