A Few Tips for a Safe and Happy Canada Day in Ottawa


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Ravens! Tomorrow is Canada Day. As the epicenter of the Canada Day party, thousands will flock to the Nation’s Capital to celebrate Canada’s big day. Live music on Parliament Hill, performers such as Walk Off the Earth, Gordon Lightfoot, and Ruth B will provide the musical backdrop for a celebration that’s sure to carry on all night. At 11 p.m. the largest fireworks show in Canada Day history, will end the day off with a bang! Below is a list of five tips to help you have a fun and safe Canada Day celebration!

#5: Travel Time

Large crowds are a Canada Day staple and the added security measures mean that getting around might take a little longer than anticipated. Factor added travel time into your plans so that you can make the most of your day. OC Transpo is free which means that you can take a break from walking and ride through Ottawa.

#4: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is all the more important on a day like Canada Day. Though the weather may be cooler, and rain in the forecast, avoiding dehydration will make Canada Day all the more enjoyable.

#3: Pack Smart

Having the essentials is key to having a great day. Some recommended items to bring with you include: rain gear, a water bottle, sunscreen, band aids, a roll of toilet paper, a portable phone charger, and if you have space, an extra pair of shoes. In addition to these items, make sure that if you want to head downtown you have your ID on hand in order to get past security checkpoints.

#2: Communication

Large amounts of people in one place might affect your cell service so be prepared if your phone is a little slow. In addition to that, make sure that if you’re heading out with friends, you regularly update one another if location changes occur and if you get separated, agree on a stationary meeting point where you can find one another! Having an emergency contact written down is also an important safety precaution.

#1: Have fun!

If you complete the five steps for a safe and happy Canada Day celebration then you’re sure to have a day to remember! Remember Ravens, stay safe and have fun! Happy Canada Day

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