3 Reasons You Should Get Involved With Clubs On Campus


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Being new to university can be a struggle for anyone. It’s important to find proactive and entertaining ways to manage your time and cope with a busy schedule! Joining or starting a club on campus is a great way to get involved, give back and adjust to your new campus life.

1. It’s a great way to make friends

Joining or starting a club on campus not only allows you to meet new people, it also enhances your chances of meeting people with similar interests! Being in a new city or a new environment can be challenging and can be a difficult adjustment, especially if you’re on your own. Take this opportunity to make your transition smooth and friendly.

2. It gives you an opportunity to be creative

Here at Carleton, you have a multitude of different clubs at your disposal, ranging from volunteer groups to country music buffs. The great thing about campus clubs is that if you don’t find one you love; you can start your own! Starting a club is a great way to get involved and explore your creative side on the CUSA website. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take on your own adventure!

3. It’s lots of fun!

Speaking from my own personal experience, starting a club has brought me new opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve been introduced to many new people and my adventure is only beginning! Being new to university gives you a chance to make your mark and experience something new and exciting!

Start a club or join a club and leave your own Raven stamp on campus!

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