27 Reasons why Carleton is Basically Hogwarts


Learning Logger Christine


So we don’t have a castle. Or magic. We’re missing some key factors. But don’t let that deter you. Carleton’s basically Hogwarts.  Read on to find out exactly why we’re just as magical as Harry Potter.

We run to catch the train just like Harry and Ron.

Or we drive like this to get to campus on time.

We also take OC Transpo, where this is a common occurrence.

Our campus is pretty nice to explore.

Unless you’re outside in an Ottawa winter.

We actually do have butterflies at our Butterfly Show.  (And spiders, too, I suppose.)

And we also have a living wall in River Building (though ours is less violent).

We have similar wall art in our tunnels.

As well as fashionable tunnel carts.

We even have Res Rats: residence students who never venture outside and live in the tunnels.

Mackenzie Building is just one big maze.

And we have a million stairs in Dunton Tower.  (Honestly, I counted.)

Enjoying a drink at Mike’s Place.

Or dancing away a Thirsty Thursday at Ollie’s.

Your first meal at the Fresh Food Co.

(Though this can sometimes happen, too.)

We have a rivalry with Ottawa U.  And we always win.

We have an awesome Quidditch team, which also always wins.

We like to get information to you as often as we can too.

The typical textbook.

You’re always welcome to visit your professors during office hours.

Forgetting everything moments before your exam in the Raven’s Nest.

Then someone pulls the fire alarm during said exam at the Raven’s Nest.

Receiving an academic warning.

Completing all the credits necessary for your degree.

Then graduating as a witch or wizard of Carleton University.

And the main reason why Carleton is basically Hogwarts…

Because 19 years later, we’re all still proud to say we’re graduates of CU.

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