We Heal Together – Nervous System Safety and Belonging

This event has now passed.
When: Monday, November 1st, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Location: Virtual

Join Carleton University’s Sexual Assault Support Centre and Ryerson University’s Consent Comes First Office a for a virtual five-week workshop series for Black students!

In Black communities, the practice of remembering our ways to nourish ourselves and each other is central to our continued assertion of our liberation. This five-week workshop series, facilitated by Dr. Jiselle Griffith N.D. for Black Ryerson University and Carleton University students, offers a deeper dive into the understanding of our health both through the challenges we navigate and the resilience we contain as Black people. Each workshop will focus on common health concerns in our communities.

Together we will learn about how stress and trauma can impact and turn on the signals of illness. We will explore how, through our habits, practices and self-care strategies, we can find resilience and restoration. In particular, we will discuss traditional ways that plant-based medicines, nourishment, embodiment, and mindfulness help us to heal.

Join us for dedicated time to strengthen self-care and compassion for our well-being. Each week, we will gain an understanding of regular self-care practices and rituals that can attend to common health concerns related to stress and/or trauma.

We Heal Together is a support group for Black folks at Ryerson and Carleton University looking for alternative community healing methods. This group acknowledges the systemic barriers and erasure of black folks in survivor-led spaces. As Black people, our experiences with sexual trauma and hypersexualization are influenced by colonialism and anti-Black racism. Healing from our traumas requires different alternative methods that are within a closed safe space for the Black community. It was founded by university student Casandra Fullwood.

Please send an email to register.

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