Academic Date

Last Day for Receipt of Applications for Undergraduate Degree Program Transfers for Winter Term

This event has now passed.
When: Friday, December 7th, 2018

December 7, 2018, is also:

Last day of fall term classes.
Classes follow a Monday schedule.
Last day for academic withdrawal from fall term courses.
Last day for handing in term work and the last day that can be specified by a course instructor as a due date for term work for fall term courses.
Last day for receipt of applications for undergraduate degree program transfers for winter term.
Last day for take home examinations to be assigned, with the exception of those conforming to the examinations regulations in the Academic Regulations of the University section of the Undergraduate Calendar/General Regulations of the Graduate Calendar.
Last day to pay any remaining fall tuition fees to avoid a hold on access to marks through Carleton Central and the release of transcripts and other official documents.

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