Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Sexual Violence Policy Review: Launching the Listening Phase

November 16, 2021

Dear Members of the Carleton Community,

As the President recently announced, we have launched a broad and inclusive consultation process towards the next iteration of the Sexual Violence Policy. Carleton is committed to being a safe and inclusive community, and it is our shared responsibility to always strive to enhance our efforts towards education, prevention and response to sexual violence. This regular review every three years helps us to ensure our policy is as responsive and supportive as possible.

I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on the draft consultation process. To ensure a transparent review process, we have published the feedback and finalized work plan on the consultation website.

As we move into the listening phase of this important review, I would encourage all members of the Carleton community to provide feedback and comments through our consultation website, by email or through feedback and information sessions. Our finalized consultation work plan identifies several key stakeholder groups we intend to consult with, but any interested group is welcome to reach out by email to arrange a closed session or meeting.

Following a robust consultation and review process in 2018-19, the current policy now allows more flexibility to be supportive to survivors throughout the process, while at the same time respecting the requirements for procedural fairness. Based on preliminary feedback, the following areas have been identified in which consideration should be given to clarify the policy:

  • Review the provisions on interim measures and confidentiality
  • Review section 6.5 (a) for survivor-centric considerations
  • Clarify section 9.4 and the steps of investigation
  • Review the objectives of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee
  • General updates to titles, department names, etc.

Although we will be seeking specific feedback on these areas, we welcome feedback on any and all aspects of the policy. As part of this review, suggestions and feedback that may not be directly applicable to the policy will be shared with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee for review towards further enhancing Honouring Each Other, Carleton’s campus prevention strategy for sexual violence. We will continue to post all feedback on our website in the spirit of transparency.

We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with the entire community in this important policy review process and we thank you in advance for your engagement.


Suzanne Blanchard
Vice-President (Students and Enrolment)

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