Thursday, October 7, 2021

Wear a Mask, Physically Distance, Hand Sanitize

As the Carleton community settles into the return to campus, it is important to remember all of the protective measures we must continue to take to keep the community around us safe.

Under Carleton’s Mask Policy, it is required to wear a mask while indoors, including in classrooms and when it is not possible to consistently maintain a two-meter physical distance. Visit Carleton’s Mask Guidance webpage for extensive information on wearing a mask.

Physical distancing must be maintained by staying two metres apart from others. Respect and follow all posted signage and use approved entrances and exits on campus.

It is important to wash your hands regularly or use sanitizer for 20 seconds, especially before touching your face or removing your mask. Hand sanitizer is available at all building entrances on the Carleton campus.

An easy guide to remember is to be COVID-WISE:

W – Wear a mask.
I – Isolate yourself when you’re feeling unwell.
S – Stay two metres apart from others.
E – Exercise proper hand hygiene.

Refer to the Wear a Mask, Physically Distance, Hand Sanitize Return to Campus YouTube video for a detailed guide on the procedures set in place on campus.

We can all help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and extend our kindness to others by following these procedures.

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