Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Phishing/Job Scam Emails Circulating on Campus

Please beware that there is currently a job scam email circulating through the Carleton community.

These scams typically offer jobs as personal assistants, secret shoppers or marketers. They may request that you visit a website, submit a Google Doc, or send an email to apply for a job. The messages may be masquerading as offering employment through or being from the university. These are attempts at obtaining personal information (such as name and address, social insurance number, banking info). They may also ask you to cash cheques or request that you purchase items for them such as gift cards or bitcoin.

Do not provide any personal information, send a reply, nor interact with the sender in any way.

Some of the email subject lines identified are:

  • Campus Announcements – Student and Staff Part-time Employment
  • Vacant Position
  • Seeking a part time Administrative Assistant
  • Part-time work offer
  • Running personal errands

If you suspect you may be a victim of this type of scam, please contact Campus Safety Services immediately.

How can you tell if an email or online post is a scam?

  • The email appears to come from someone at the university, but has an [External Email] tag, it may be a phishing message
  • Requires a fee to apply for a job or asks you to send money – Bitcoin, gift card, cheque, etc.
  • Requests your password or directs you to a webform asking for your password
  • Has an immediate action such as “download this now” or “click on the link below”
  • Tries to invoke an emotional response to get you to take an action without thinking
  • Is filled with spelling and grammatical errors

If you receive an email that you’re not sure is legitimate, here’s what you can do:

  • Hover over the sender’s email to confirm the address matches the sender’s name. If they don’t match, delete the email
  • Hover over any links to see where they point to before clicking
  • Never reply to an email with your password or click on a link to provide your credentials
  • Forward the email to or contact the ITS Service Desk.

Remember, Carleton will never ask you for your password!

For more information on scams and how to protect yourself, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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