Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Putting an End to Procrastination – Part 1: Getting Started

The new year brings a fresh start, a new term and new opportunities! 2021 has arrived and with it, the winter term is quickly underway. With all the changes from the past year, one thing remains the same: Carleton is here to help. To kick off the new year, we have started a new series of Pitstop episodes on the Carleton Pathway Podcast with procrastination expert Dr. Tim Pychyl. The series will focus on techniques to help you get started, stay focused, and get past that idea of making something your future self’s problem.

Part one focuses on the idea of how to get started, even when you really don’t want to, finding an ability to stay focused, and identifying the next step we need to take in order to get started and create the motivation we need to complete our tasks. Dr. Pychyl also shares how to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives, improving our mental health and wellness, by simply getting started.

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