Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to 2020!

A new decade, new semester and new opportunities! 2020 has arrived and with it, the winter term is quickly underway. At Carleton, we’re all about finding your own pathway while you’re here, so no matter what you’re goals are we’ve got the support to help you succeed. Take advantage of the new semester and let us help you along a path toward graduation!


Make sure you’re on the right path to academic success by checking your Audit and ASR. Whether you’re about to start your first class or your last semester these online resources can show you if you’re on track to graduate or if it’s time to meet with an academic advisor.

Want to make sure you’re on track in your classes too? Check out the Learning Support Sessions at the Centre for Student Academic Success (CSAS). These sessions are designed to you develop the you need skills to achieve academic success.


Whether you build or review your budget, the start of the semester is a great time to ensure you have your finances in order. Need a little help getting your budget together? Check out the Budgeting 101 workshops hosted by CSAS.

If you’re receiving OSAP it’s important to remember that there will be a reassessment of financial aid and OSAP after the withdrawal deadline.


Before you know it summer job fairs and career fairs will be popping up all across campus. Some on campus student jobs are already hiring for the summer or even next year, so it’s never too early to get your resume reviewed by the team at Career Services.

Campus Life

The start of a new semester can be hectic with lots of commitments pulling you in different directions. Make sure you’re taking breaks for yourself by following along with our events calendar and finding activities that interest you. If you’re looking for smaller, half-day, single-day and evening commitments are a great way to get involved without joining a club. Check out the SOAR Student Leadership Conference on January 18, 2019 featuring guest speaker Tessa Virtue or sign up for a Campus to Community Day.


Start off your semester by making sure you prioritize your well-being. Schedule time for activities that you enjoy like reading, practicing mindfulness or by visiting Athletics. If you’re looking for new ways to manage your wellness or you want to be able to help friends when they are in need, be sure to visit the Mental Health and Well-Being website for information, resources and upcoming Supporting a Friend workshops.

Your Pathway to Success

No matter what goals you’ve set for the semester we’re always here to help! At Pathways to Graduation we’ve developed a website that offered you program specific advice to help you navigate your way through your program. Focusing on our five success pillars Pathways to Graduation offers you checklists, timely tips and resources to help you reach your goals.

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