Monday, October 28, 2019

Stadium Way Officially Open

Monday, October 28, 2019

To All Members of the Carleton Community,

We are pleased to announce that the new Stadium Way entrance onto campus through Parking Lot 5 is officially open. This new entrance offers an option to motorists who want to access Carleton from Bronson Avenue southbound as a right-in or turn right to exit the campus to Bronson Avenue south. Please see the Transportation Plan website for maps of the areas.

New signage has been posted on Bronson Avenue warning motorists turning right onto Stadium Way to yield to pedestrians and cyclists. We encourage motorists, pedestrians and cyclists using Stadium Way to exercise caution in Parking Lot 5 as the community adjusts to this new entrance and roadway.

Stadium Way is an additional mitigation measure to further ease traffic congestion on campus, particularly at the north end, as more cars are using the Bronson Avenue entrance now that the Hog’s Back Swing Bridge is closed.

Campus Safety Services staff continue to monitor traffic during peak periods to ensure pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are able to move around campus safely.

If you are travelling from the north end of campus when leaving the university, another suggested alternative route is to take Campus Avenue to Library Road to University Drive and take Colonel By Drive to either Riverside Drive or to Bronson northbound and southbound.

As well, new improved street signs have been installed across campus to better identify Campus Avenue, University Drive, Library Road and the new Stadium Way.

The City of Ottawa continues its paving work on Bronson Avenue near the campus. This is expected to continue for the next couple of weeks.

More information about the university’s Transportation Plan can be found on the Carleton Transportation Plan website.

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