Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Get Certified in First Aid with CUSERT

The Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team (CUSERT) offers first aid training for the Carleton community in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross. The courses provide valuable skills and knowledge for the workplace, school and at home, covering topics such as breathing and circulation emergencies, wound care, bone and joint injuries and much more.

The courses are taught by experienced CUSERT responders or alumni. CUSERT courses take place on campus and are the most affordable among major providers in the city. The cost of the course is currently $80.00. Course fees can be paid online, or by cash or by cheque made payable to: Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team. Additional payment details are available when completing the registration form.

CUSERT may also be able to offer private courses for Carleton-based organizations and clubs.

To learn more and register for a class, please visit the CUSERT site.

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