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Discover Carleton’s Student Academic Success Services

One of Carleton University’s top priorities has always been to ensure the academic success of students. In order to achieve this, Carleton has many different services for students to use so that they are able to receive the academic support they need. Some of these services include the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS), Science Student Success Centre (SSSC), Math Tutorial Centre (MTC), Student Experience Office (SEO) and the Academic Advising Centre (AAC).

Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS)

CSAS offers many helpful resources for students such as Writing Services, Learning Support Sessions, Incentive Program and Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS).

Writing Services are offered for free as one-on-one consultations. Students can drop-in and learn how to write for their own unique discipline of study, as well as learn how to research properly for assignments.

The Learning Support Sessions are also offered for free and are drop-ins. These sessions helps students identify their areas of growth academically, set goals for themselves and create their own individualized plans in order to achieve academic success.

The Incentive Program is offered with certain courses students may be enrolled in, as their participation results in marks towards their final grade. The Incentive Program offers workshops that are completed in-person or online for students to do to help them develop academic skills and study strategies.

PASS is also a program that is only offered for certain courses. PASS is a peer-assisted program, where PASS facilitators, who are students who have already taken the course and have received a grade of an A- or higher, provide current students in the class with support to help them succeed. For students that are enrolled in courses that include PASS, it is advantageous to attend any sessions that are offered in order to help them improve their grades and be prepared for future assignments and exams.

Science Student Success Centre (SSSC)

The SSSC is offered only for undergraduate students enrolled in a program from the Faculty of Science. Students are able to attend workshops, receive peer-mentoring, as well as be placed in one-on-one or small group study support. The study groups are able to help students with science courses that do not fall under the PASS program and the workshops provide general and course-specific science information.

 Math Tutorial Centre (MTC)

The MTC is also a place that is only offered for students involved in certain courses, as it is a study space for any students who wish to study mathematics or statistics individually or in a group. It is also a place where students can meet with and receive support from the teaching assistants that are there.

Student Experience Office (SEO)

For students who are wondering where they should start in terms of improving their academic life, the SEO is a place to go to with any questions. The SEO is meant to help students with their transition to university and prepare them for success in many different aspects of their lives –including their academics. For academics, the SEO can connect students with peer mentors and service-learning and volunteer opportunities –students can find a way to receive academic help or give academic help to other students.

Academic Advising Centre (AAC)

The AAC is also a good place for students to drop-in with their academic questions as the people there help students get their academics back on track, achieve their academic goals, understand their Academic Audit or Academic Status Report to ensure they are following the right path and help those who have received an Academic Warning form an Academic Improvement Plan. They also give students advice on changing programs or adding elements. It is a good idea for first-year students to take the time to visit the AAC so that they are able to become familiar and understand their audit and program’s requirements right from the start.

To explore these and the variety of other on-campus student support services and resources, discover our Service Search.

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