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OSAP Tuition Deferral: What You Need to Know

OSAP and Payment Deadlines
The standard fall term payment deadline is August 25. If you are planning to pay your tuition and fees with OSAP, this deadline can be extended to September 12 so that it aligns with when your OSAP is released. This is called a payment deferral.

Getting a Deferral
If your OSAP application is fully processed on or before August 25 and you have funding scheduled to be released for the fall term, your payment deadline will be deferred until September 12, 2018. This will happen automatically.

If your application is on hold or you have not been approved for funding by August 25, you will be expected to pay your fees by the standard fee payment deadline.

Verifying your Deferral
Visit the Calculate Amount to Pay page on Carleton Central to see if you have been approved for a payment deferral. To access your Calculate Amount to Pay page, login to Carleton Central and click the link located under Registration > Student Accounts.

Students can find the “Calculate Amount to Pay” tab under the “Registration” tab on Carleton Central

At the top of your Calculate Amount to Pay page, a message will display if you have been approved for the payment deferral. It will look like this:

Students that have been approved for OSAP deferral will see a message indicating so in their “calculate amount to pay” tab

For further information
That’s it! If you don’t see this message, you have not been approved for the payment deferral. If you have any questions regarding your OSAP application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For questions related to your student account balance, or how to pay your fees, please visit the student accounts website.

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