Friday, March 9, 2018

CUPE 2424 Bargaining Update No. 11

Reminders about Best Practices to Cross Picket Lines Safely

The university has been working with CUPE 2424 to improve the organization of picket line activity to minimize undue interruptions for students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus.

Members of the university community are reminded to exercise caution and patience when crossing the picket lines.

During a legal strike, the striking union has the right to establish a picket line at the vehicle entrances to campus.

  • Picketers are legally permitted to carry signs stating the nature of the dispute, speak to people entering the property about their concerns, and ask people entering the property to join the picket line. Electronic monitoring of picket line activity may be conducted by both parties.
  • Picketers may not prevent anyone from coming onto campus and respectful behaviour is expected from everyone. Carleton has provided traffic vests to identify picket captains.
  • Students who have mobility issues and who may need assistance crossing a picket line are encouraged to take Para Transpo or the O-Train as those operations continue as usual. Emergency vehicles receive expedited access to campus.

Picketers are not permitted to:

  • Block access to the university.
  • Use force, threats or threatening gestures to prevent people from coming onto university property.
  • Otherwise engage in unlawful behavior.

Students have the legal right to cross a picket line and to come to campus, attend classes and use all available university services during a strike.

Anyone crossing the picket line is legally obligated to do so in a manner that does not endanger the life or safety of any person. Some suggestions:

  • Approach a picket line as you would a busy intersection. Come to a full stop, watch for an opening and exercise caution before proceeding.
  • Keep personal bias and emotions in check. Be friendly or neutral.
  • Report any unlawful picket activities to the Department of University Safety (613-520-3612 for non-emergencies / 613-520-4444 for emergencies).
  • Please keep a written record of the incident, the names of those involved and any witnesses.

A picketing protocol signed by the university and the union remains in place with expectations communicated to the union and picket captains. All drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are asked to exercise caution and patience when approaching and exiting a picket line.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.


Rob Thomas
Assistant Vice-President (Human Resources)

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