Friday, October 6, 2017

Six Ways to Step Up Your Responsible Drinking Game

Most Carleton students are making regular use of these tips from our top list of responsible drinking strategies:

  • Staying with the same group of friends the entire time drinking
  • Using a designated driver
  • Eating before and/or during drinking
  • Keeping track of how many drinks are being consumed

We’re not surprised. Carleton students are no rookies when it comes to responsible drinking — 68% of Carleton students avoid binge drinking altogether.

We can step up our game though and there are a few responsible drinking strategies we could be using more. They may seem obvious, but they are often the easiest to forget once the party gets started.

  • Sticking with one kind of alcohol
  • Avoiding drinking games
  • Determining in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks
  • Having a friend let you know when you’ve had enough
  • Alternating non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages
  • Pacing drinks to one or less an hour

What responsible drinking strategy do you use most? Let us know using #CUDontKnow on Facebook or Twitter

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