As much as possible, students should notify the instructor during the first weeks of class about the potential for religious accommodation arising during a class or an examination (Academic Regulations of the University (2.10) and Guide to Academic Accommodations for Students.)

The 2017 month of Ramadan coincides with this year’s June midterm/final examination period. Some students will be fasting during the day and are required to wait until sundown (which will occur approximately 8:55 pm during the current exam period) to break their fast. Students should be accommodated for this during their examinations.

Methods of Accommodation:

Any student who identifies themselves as requiring Iftar during a June examination should:

  • Inform the Instructor again on the evening of the exam, and place their snack on the desk at the front of the room.
  • Rise quietly at the designated time, consume their snack where specified and return to their seat.