With exam season right around the corner, it is important to be well rested and well prepared. It’s the big day and you’re nervous – the good news is: we have you covered! Here are a few helpful reminders to get you through exam season!

Personalized Exam Schedules

Your personalized examination schedule is available on Carleton Central! Please login and click on “myExam Schedule”.

Personalized exam schedules are also accessible on smartphones through the Carleton Mobile App.

Exam room locations are available in your Personalized Exam Schedule and the Public Exam Schedule as of Monday, March 27, 2017.

Coats at Exam Sites

Throughout the April exam period, you may bring your coat and small bag or purse to your desk. Please place coats on the back of your chair and bags and valuables under your seat. The contents should not spill into the aisle. Oversized bags must at the front of the examination room, remove any valuable contents (e.g. wallet, laptop, cellphone) from these bags and place them under your seat.

New Policy Surrounding Early Exam Departure for Health-Related Reason

Scheduling and Exam Services wishes to make the Carleton community aware of the following policy change (implemented in Fall 2016):

Carleton has implemented a new policy around early exam departures for health-related reasons.

Per Section 2.5.1 of the Undergraduate Calendar, students are expected to assess their medical situation prior to entering the examination room. Students who do not write a final examination because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control may apply to write a deferred examination.

Section 2.5 of the Academic Calendar outlines the regulations governing deferral of final examinations. Students are expected to complete a final examination once begun. If the student experiences a significant deterioration of his/her health while the examination is in progress, it may be possible to submit a petition to apply to write a deferred examination.

What next?

Have more questions? Not sure when to arrive for your exam? What happens if you’re late? Scheduling and Examination Services has a page specifically for you!

Check out the SES Guide for Exam Day, including directions to buildings you may be writing in, and tips to relieve exam stress.

Visit the SES Guide for Exam Day!