Progress continues on facilitating the impending temporary move for the Neuroscience Department before it transitions into new space in the Health Sciences Building this fall. Project managers are actively engaged in working with Neuroscience faculty, staff and students to ensure their research needs are met as much as possible during the move necessitated by renovations of the Life Sciences Research Building.

The Life Sciences building move is being managed by ZW Project Management Inc., the same company that is managing construction of the new Health Sciences Building. A project manager has been in contact with researchers to identify specific requirements and is working with a new committee created to represent researchers.

Weekly meetings are being scheduled with all researchers and their students to keep them informed of progress and to discuss issues. An inventory of equipment is being finalized and categorized based on research needs.

Conversations with researchers are continuing to identify specific requirements. In addition, some researchers are making their own arrangements to accommodate their specific research needs. The university will also assist these researchers in any way it can.

Arrangements are also being made to work with equipment vendors to package and store sensitive equipment and move it, if required, for ongoing use.

Carleton is working closely with counterparts at the University of Ottawa to confirm lab spaces and equipment to be made available at their location.

Equipment will begin to be moved as soon as possible to meet the March 1, 2017 deadline. More information about the temporary relocation of Neuroscience will be provided in a future update.